Spring Extension for Java Content Repository (JSR-170)

JSR-170 defines "a standard, implementation independent, way to access content bi-directionally on a granular level within a content repository. A Content Repository is a high-level information management system that is a superset of traditional data repositories. A content repository implements "content services" such as: author based versioning, full textual searching, fine grained access control, content categorization and content event monitoring. It is these "content services" that differentiate a Content Repository from a Data Repository." (taken from the JSR-170 description page).

The Spring JCR Extension (se-jcr) has been designed to resemble as much as possible the ORM packages from the main Spring distribution. Users familiar with these can start using the JCR-support right away without much hassle. As the ORM package, the main reason for the JCR support is to ease development using Spring unchecked DAOexception hierarchy, integrated transaction management and ease of testing.

So take a look at the se-jcr guide and enjoy!